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Our mission is to make wealth accessible to anyone, anywhere.

A Meme Sparks an Idea
Our story started in February 2021 during the r/wallstreetbets (WSB) and Robinhood debacle.
When WSB followers started buying GameStop to stand against billion-dollar hedge funds shorting the stock, the SEC said it was “collusion.”
The Robinhood trading platform censored users by preventing $GME purchases. They even went as far as forcibly selling users' $GME positions.
We realized traditional finance was rigged in favor of the establishment and excluded individuals like you and me.
Creating Access
Only a tiny fraction of the world's population has benefited from decades of global market growth. The people who already have wealth and access to markets are the ones who benefit. Ordinary people are largely excluded.
That's not right.
We create solutions that uphold individual choice and give anyone, anywhere access to tools of wealth creation. Irrespective of their financial status.
The name Kresko means growth in Esperanto. It is derived from the Latin verb Crésco.
Crésco: increase, multiply, thrive, or become visible.
We build financial building blocks so that everyone — unbanked or non-technical — have the tools to grow wealth.

Meet the team

We are mission-oriented degens from diverse backgrounds that include — Web3, finance, and cybersecurity.
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Deepak NuliFounder
Building long-term investing tools for mission-oriented degensM.S, Information Security, Purdue University | Previously: Security at cLabs / Celo; Security at Mandiant
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Denali MarshFounding Lead Engineer
The best time to build was yesterday, the second best time is nowPreviously: Blockchain Engineer at Kava Labs, Snowfork
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Panu KettunenFounding Ser Engineer
Creating and connecting the dots Previously: Senior Full-Stack Consultant at Futurice; Core Developer at Iltalehti
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George BarkerDesign and Branding
Shaping brands for a world on the movePreviously: Freelance designer for defi projects large and small
person image
Marko NenonenFull Stack Engineer
Enjoying life in Front of the EndPreviously: Lead Front-end Developer at Mehilainen
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9EvesCommunity Growth and Partnerships
Building connectionsPreviously: Strategy & Growth at a Fortune 500 company
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Hunter DellereProduct and Crypto-economics
Leveling the playing field for the future.Previously: Product and Program Management at NI
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Kasey FronOperations
All around ninjaB.S., Allegheny College | Previously: Chief Executive Assistant at Squared Away
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Tony StarkCommunity Growth
Providing solutions to problems through technology
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Aayush KatiyarResearch Analyst


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Pranay MohanAdvisor, Product
Co-founder & CEO at Nomad
person image
Mudit GuptaAdvisor, Security
CISO at Polygon and Technical Partner at Delta Blockchain Fund
person image
Roman CroessmannAdvisor, Crypto-economics
Quant working on Mento (Celo's stability protocol), Partner at cLabs
person image
Trevor PorterAdvisor and Founding Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer at Abacus Network
person image
Alex HarleyAdvisor and Founding Engineer
Co-founder & CTO at Stakewallet
person image
Harrison DahmeAdvisor, Engineering
Senior Software Engineer / Ventures at Coinbase
person image
Albert WangAdvisor, Crypto-economics and Growth
Previously Crypto Product Management at cLabs
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Vijay ChettyAdvisor, Operations and Growth
Head of Business Development and Growth at dYdX

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