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An open platform for synthetic stocks, commodities, and crypto.

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One-Stop DeFi App

A beautiful platform designed to manage all your assets — mint, swap, pool, and farm — all in one place.

Risk Management

Finally, a DeFi App that clearly shows your portfolio health and risk.


Trade synthetic stocks, commodities, and crypto -- fast and with low fees.


With Kresko, you can trade fractional assets. You have the freedom to buy $1 or $1000 worth of krTSLA.

The Kresko Platform


Everyone — unbanked or non-technical — should be able to use the DeFi tools.

Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is about long-term thinking. Kresko platform is designed to incentivize long-term behavior.

Censorship Resistant

A few mission-oriented degens got together after censorship of GameStop trading to create an open protocol.

A hub of capital-efficient protocols.

A layered approach to DeFi. The Base Layer for liquidity supports the Primitives Layer, a set of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols.
The Application Layer provides a seamless user experience without the complexity in DeFi today.
The architecture will grow and evolve to realize the vision of the Kreskian community.

Building Together

The core team and advisors include people who have built successful DeFi protocols in Ethereum, Celo, and Cosmos ecosystems.
Meet the team
Electric Capital
Polychain Capital
Flori Ventures
Davoa Capital

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