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capital-efficient platform
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Kresko’s mission is to help everyone, anywhere grow wealth by bringing access to previously inaccessible financial assets. Kresko protocol allows creation of crypto backed synthetic assets in a capital efficient way.
EarnGenerate yield on your unused crypto assets by minting krAssets such as stocks, indices, commodities. Think AAPL, BABA, gold, S&P 500, etc.
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ComposeKresko is an open protocol. Developers can easily integrate krAssets into their dApps and wallets. Earn transaction fees for trades that you enable.
AccessGrow your wealth using an accessible platform to trade krAssets – mobile first, low fees, fast. You are always in control – Kresko never takes custody of your assets.
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FractionalKresko allows you to trade fractional assets. You have the freedom to buy $1 or $1000 worth of krTSLA.
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